Lightning-fast repairs

We understand how important your time is, so our specialists will quickly diagnose and fix the problem with your mobile device.

Repair warranty

We, as an authorized Samsung service center, care about the quality of the services we offer. That’s why we provide a warranty for every repair performed and for every part replaced.

Devices we repair

Galaxy Phones & Tabs

Galaxy Watch

Galaxy Buds

Samsung device repair services

Broken display

Broken display? Do not hesitate to call our specialists. We guarantee the use of original parts and provide a quality guarantee with every display repair or replacement.

Battery replacement

If you have frequent problems with your device’s battery, contact us. We can breathe new life into it by replacing the battery so you can continue to enjoy your device for a long time.

Replacement of side buttons

If the buttons on your device do not respond to commands, they may need to be replaced. We will replace them to restore the full functionality of your device, like new.

Damage after contact with fluids

Got your phone or tablet wet? In such a case, our team of Samsung specialists will do everything possible to save your device. If it is beyond repair, take a look at the options our stores offer to find the perfect device for your needs.

Front or rear camera problem

Are your photos having a poor quality? Or is your camera not working? Contact our specialists who will replace the front or rear camera of your device and restore the quality of your photos and videos.

Charging problems

Your mobile device’s battery is not fully charged? Or have a charging port problem? It is possible that the slow or complete lack of charging is also due to a defective battery. Contact the Service Point and we will restore the full functionality of your device!

Как можем да ви бъдем полезни

Ние правим ремонта
на вашето устройство

What if your

Device is beyond repair?

Discover the path to new opportunities! If your device is beyond repair or you are in need of a makeover, visit the Samsung Store where you’ll find exciting deals on new devices and accessories.

Your device is in safe hands

Visit us on site at one of our Samsung service locations and you will receive professional service and expertise from our specialists.

The customers for our Samsung service

Frequently asked questions

What spare parts are used to repair mobile devices?

Only original spare parts supplied directly from the manufacturer are used.

As required by manufacturers, each warranty repair is followed by a so-called “flashing” of the device. It is updated to the latest software version and all data is deleted.

Yes, our technicians can back up the device and restore it back after the repair is complete. (It is mandatory to mention when sending the device for repair, whether the information should be saved) – for additional a fee.

Yes, you can send your device by courier, accompanied by a warranty card and a purchase document (invoice, receipt). Once the damage has been rectified, your device will be returned by courier.

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