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Art. 1. These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) for the repair of devices – smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and headphones regulate the relationship between SINNOPOINT EOOD, with Unified Identification Code (UIC) 202382248 (hereinafter referred to as the PROVIDER) and the respective CONSUMER commissioning the repair.
Art. 2. For the purposes of these GTC, the CONSUMER is any natural and/or legal person who commissions the PROVIDER to repair a device – smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or headphones.
Art. 3. According to these GTC, REPAIR is any service and repair activity involving labor and involving diagnosis and replacement of spare parts, details, materials, and/or consumables for the respective device.
Art. 4. For the purposes of these GTC, an ORDER is any signed order placed in accordance with the procedures and conditions described below for the repair of a device – smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or headphones.
Art. 5. The PROVIDER ensures the publicity, accessibility, and currency of the current GTC on its website located at www.servicepoint.bg.


Art. 6. Repair requests can be made through an ORDER placed in person at the PROVIDER’s premises, by phone, and via email, with the methods of placing an ORDER for repair indicated on the website www.servicepoint.bg.
Art. 7. After receiving the device with a receipt-transfer protocol from the PROVIDER, either personally or through a courier using the methods specified on the website www.servicepoint.bg, the PROVIDER conducts a diagnostic of the device and informs the CONSUMER of the proposed price for spare parts and labor for their replacement, so that the device can be brought to a standard technical condition (except in cases where the device is under warranty), as well as the necessary time for completing the repair.
Art. 8. Upon receiving the information under Art. 7, the CONSUMER may refuse the repair, owing only the price for the diagnostic according to the current price list of the PROVIDER.
Art. 9. If the CONSUMER agrees for the repair to be carried out under the conditions proposed by the PROVIDER, a specific ORDER is made, which is filled out either in person at the PROVIDER’s premises or generated through a designated ORDER form available on the website www.servicepoint.bg. A repair ORDER for the device can be made without the need for the CONSUMER to register on the PROVIDER’s website.
Art. 10. With each made ORDER for repair, the CONSUMER will receive an email confirmation of its acceptance with a unique alphanumeric code, with which the status of the repair can be tracked.
Art. 11. By signing or generating the ORDER through the website www.servicepoint.bg, the CONSUMER (or their authorized representative) accepts these GTC. Any person who delivers or sends the device for repair through a courier is considered authorized to commission repair activities, and the PROVIDER bears no responsibility if they are not duly authorized to do so by the respective CONSUMER.


Art. 12. The necessary spare parts, details, consumables, and materials for the execution of the repair are provided by the PROVIDER at the expense of the CONSUMER.
Art. 13. The PROVIDER carries out the commissioned repair within the necessary technological period according to the technical norms of the device manufacturer for the respective type of repair, but no later than one month from the signing of the ORDER. In case, due to reasons beyond its control, the PROVIDER cannot meet this deadline, they are obliged to inform the CONSUMER, indicating the reasons for it, and both parties mutually agree on a new deadline for completing the repair, with the CONSUMER having the right to cancel the ORDER and receive the device back, paying only the diagnostic fee.
Art. 14. If during the execution of the commissioned repair, the PROVIDER finds the need for additional repair activities and/or replacement of damaged parts, they should inform the CONSUMER by phone or email about the type and cost of the additional necessary service activities, and after their explicit consent, the repair should continue/commence. The PROVIDER is released from any responsibility if the CONSUMER refuses the performance of the arisen additional repair activities.
Art. 15. If the CONSUMER agrees for the repair to be carried out with the additional activities, upon receiving an invitation from the PROVIDER, they are obliged to appear in the shortest possible time for the coordination of any additional questions arising regarding the repair of the device and the adjustment of the placed ORDER. The CONSUMER may express their consent to the ORDER correction via email or through the ORDER form on the PROVIDER’s website.


Art. 16. The PROVIDER carries out the commissioned repair (including additionally commissioned work) against payment from the CONSUMER, at prices determined according to the current price list of the PROVIDER, as well as current price lists for supplied spare parts, materials, and consumables at the time of repair.
Art. 17. Payment of the full value of the repair, as well as any amounts owed by the CONSUMER to the PROVIDER, is a mandatory condition for receiving the device.
Art. 18. The CONSUMER makes the due payments in Bulgarian Leva, either in cash at the PROVIDER’s cashier before receiving the device, by bank transfer, cash on delivery via courier, or through a commodity credit under the conditions of TBI Bank.
Art. 19. The CONSUMER may also make the due payment with a card at the virtual POS terminal of Postbank, with which bank the PROVIDER has an agreement for this method of payment.
Art. 20. For the received payment, the PROVIDER issues an expense justification document and a receipt-transfer protocol for receiving the device.
Art. 21. The CONSUMER has no right to dispute the price (value) of the repair if it corresponds to the previously announced price by the PROVIDER, which the CONSUMER has agreed upon when signing/generating the ORDER.


Art. 22. The PROVIDER notifies the CONSUMER of the date for receiving the repaired device by phone or email. The CONSUMER is obliged to collect the device personally or through a courier, after fulfilling their obligation to pay the due amount for the repair.
Art. 23. The PROVIDER stores unclaimed devices for a period not exceeding three months, unless there is an explicit agreement with the CONSUMER for a longer period, after which the PROVIDER bears no responsibility and has the right to dispose of them.


Art. 24. (1) The PROVIDER guarantees the quality of the performed service operations for a period of 30 days from the completion date of the repair, provided that the device is used properly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
(2) In cases where the Consumer Protection Act is applicable, the PROVIDER complies with the conditions and deadlines provided by the law by providing the CONSUMER with the required information.
(3) Within the specified period, only problems arising from the performed repair work are corrected free of charge.
Art. 25. The warranty does not cover consequences of normal wear and tear of parts, improper use, or failure to comply with maintenance requirements.

Art. 26. The PROVIDER shall not be liable for non-performance, as well as for loss and/or damage to the device in the event of the occurrence of objective extraordinary circumstances (force majeure conditions). Force majeure conditions are those caused/created/arisen as a result of natural phenomena and/or disasters (hailstorm, thunderstorm, heavy rain, flood, earthquake, etc.), aggressive actions (war, riot, general strike, mass hooliganism and/or vandalism), changes in the legislation of the country, and any other conditions whose type/origin/character determines them as extraordinary, despite the care of a good manager, rendering the PROVIDER unable to perform its usual service activity, as well as any other conditions that have occurred.
Art. 27. In the event of extraordinary circumstances, the parties, guided by goodwill and acting as a good manager, regulate their relationship considering the specific objective situation and the current General Terms and Conditions, except for those provisions whose compliance is impossible due to the occurred circumstances.


Art. 28. The storage, processing, and use of personal data of CONSUMERS are carried out entirely in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Personal Data Protection Act, and the PROVIDER’s Privacy Policy, published on the website www.servicepoint.bg.

Art. 29. In case of disputes, the parties make efforts for their voluntary settlement through mutual agreement. In case of failure to reach an agreement, either party may refer the dispute for resolution through judicial proceedings by the competent authorities, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Procedure Code and the applicable legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria.
Art. 30. These GTC or any part thereof may be supplemented, amended, or canceled at any time, with the PROVIDER having the right to change the characteristics of the provided services and the current GTC based on changes in Bulgarian and European legislation. The PROVIDER undertakes to inform CONSUMERS about changes in the GTC by publishing a notice of the changes prominently on its website and providing sufficient time for the CONSUMERS to familiarize themselves with them.
Art. 31. The contact details of the PROVIDER are as follows:

Name: “Sinnopoint” EOOD
Registered office and management address: Sofia, postcode 1415, Okolovrasten Road 42
Correspondence information: tel. +359 883 909 797
Registration in public registers: UIC 202382248
VAT registration: BG202382248

These GTC are approved by the Manager of ” SINNOPOINT ” EOOD, with UIC 202382248, and are effective as of April 1, 2024.

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