How do I pack my device before sending it in for service?

We would like to give you some tips on how to pack your device for repair so that it reaches us safely.

How do I pack my device before sending it in for service?
Which packaging is right?

Your shipment goes through couriers and scads on the way to our service. Therefore, it is important that the shipping packaging protects your device from pressure, impact and other external influences.

Which pack size is right?

Use as accurate a package as possible. The more compact you pack, the less space the product has to move around in the package (carton) and it won’t be damaged further.

Choose a suitable outer packaging.

A strong outer packaging is crucial for safe transportation. We recommend using packaging made of thick cardboard. Do not use standard envelopes or bubble wrap as they will not adequately protect your device.

Make sure the device is well sealed in the packaging.

Optimal sealing prevents the device from moving in the case and being damaged in case of a fall. For inner packaging, we recommend multi-layered packaging made of blisters, corrugated cardboard, bags with an air chamber or bulk filling materials. Even when using the original packaging, the pad should be thick enough.

Make sure the package is well sealed.

The use of tear-resistant self-adhesive tapes has been proven in practice. This gives the pack extra stability. You need to glue together the slits on the bottom and the lid.

Shipping accessories

Please DO NOT send accessories with your device, except in the case of:

  • In case of difficulty charging the device – send the original charging cable as well as the charger.
  • Difficulty receiving mobile calls – send your SIM card together with the device – after consulting the service.
Send your device to one of the following addresses:

Send your device to one of the following addresses:

  • Sofia, 48 Sitnyakovo Blvd., Serdika Center, Samsung Store – ground floor
  • Sofia, 214 Ring Road, Ring Mall, Samsung Store, Level 1

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