Maintenance mode activation

Maintenance mode for your Galaxy phone or tablet

Your One UI5 (Android 13) Galaxy phone or tablet comes with a handy Maintenance Mode feature! Maintenance mode will hide your personal data and other information such as photos, videos, contacts and messages if you need to send it in for repair. This will protect your privacy and you won’t have to worry about someone else handling your valuable device.

Note: Available settings may vary by carrier and software version.

Before using Maintenance Mode

Note: Support mode is only available on devices running One UI 5 (Android 13) or later.

To ensure that your personal data remains safe when using Maintenance Mode, please keep the following in mind:

  • As a precaution, we strongly recommend that you back up your data before using maintenance mode. That way, if your device needs to be factory reset during the repair process or the storage needs to be replaced, your data will remain accessible. See Backing up your data section for details.

  •  You are required to have a password/pattern/fingerprint set to use maintenance mode. When you turn on maintenance mode for the first time, you’ll be prompted to create a lock screen if you haven’t already. However, you can create a lock screen at any time by opening Settings and then tapping Lock screen. Tap Screen lock type, and then tap your preferred lock type. Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your lock screen.

  • You must have enough free space to enable maintenance mode. Devices with 64 GB of internal memory will require 1.5 GB of free space. Devices with more storage will require 500 MB of free space.

Note: Support mode is only available on devices running One UI 5 (Android 13) or later.

When your device enters maintenance mode, a separate user account will be created. Then anyone who needs to handle your device (such as a service technician or even a family member) will be able to use the new user account. This will protect your personal account and data. You can activate support mode using your device’s settings menu or using the Samsung Members app.

Settings Menu
  • Go to and open Settings, then tap Battery & device care.    

  • Tap Maintenance mode. If you want to back up, tap Back up your data. See the next section for backup details.    

  • Tap Turn On. Follow the prompts on the screen.

    Note: You’ll be prompted to set up a lock screen if you don’t already have one. Please see previous section for details.

Меню настройки
Samsung Members App
  • Open the Samsung Members app.
  • Tap the Support tab.
  • Swipe to and tap the Maintenance mode tab, then tap Turn on, and then follow the onscreen prompts
Приложение Samsung Members

When you enable maintenance mode, you have the option to back up your data. This is highly recommended. If your device requires a reset or the memory is replaced, you will be able to restore your data from this backup. You can choose between a temporary cloud-based backup or store your backup on external media such as a USB flash drive. If your device supports it, you can also use an SD card.

Temporary cloud backup

Temporary cloud backup will upload your data to the cloud and store it for 30 days. After 30 days, your data will be deleted. There is no limit to the total size of your backup, but files larger than 100 GB cannot be backed up.

  1. After choosing to back up, tap Temporary Cloud Backup and then tap Data Backup.

  2. By default, all data is selected for backup. Tap the check mark next to an item to exclude it from the backup.

     Note: Not all data can be backed up. Tap Find out what data cannot be backed up for details.    

  3. Tap Backup. If you’ve set up a secure folder, you’ll be asked if you want it backed up as well. If you choose to back up a secure folder, you’ll be asked to unlock it.    

  4. Backup will continue. While the backup is in progress, you can use other apps on your phone. When the backup is complete, go back to maintenance mode and turn it on.

Временно архивиране в облак
Backup to external storage

Backing up to external storage requires a USB storage device (plugged into the USB-C port) or a MicroSD card (installed in your device). This style of backup uses Smart Switch and is suitable for long-term backups versus temporary cloud backups. The total size of the archive is limited to the capacity of your storage device.

  1. След като изберете да направите резервно копие, свържете вашето устройство за съхранение и след това докоснете Архивиране на външно хранилище. Докоснете свързаното устройство за съхранение.
  2. По подразбиране всички данни са избрани за архивиране. Можете да изберете по-ограниченото архивиране на обаждания, контакти и съобщения или да създадете персонализирано архивиране. Докоснете Напред.
    Забележка: Не всички данни могат да бъдат архивирани. Докоснете Вижте какво не може да бъде архивирано за подробности.
  3. Ако сте настроили защитена папка, ще бъдете попитани дали искате и тя да бъде архивирана. Ако изберете да архивирате защитена папка, ще бъдете помолени да я отключите.
  4. Архивирането ще продължи. Докато архивирането е в ход, можете да използвате други приложения на телефона си. Когато архивирането приключи, върнете се в режим на поддръжка и го включете.
Архивиране на външно хранилище

When your device is back in your hands, you can turn off maintenance mode. Note that apps and other services that may have been spawned during maintenance mode will be automatically deleted when maintenance mode is disabled. In other words, your device will be back to the way it was before!

  1. Go to and open Settings, then tap Battery & device care.    

  2. Tap Maintenance mode, then tap Exit, then tap Restart. Enter your lock screen credentials when prompted.    

  3. You can also turn off maintenance mode from the notification panel. Swipe down from the top of the screen and then tap the notification that says “Your phone/tablet is in maintenance mode.”

Деактивирайте режима на поддръжка (Maintenance Mode)

If you have backed up your data and need to restore it, continue to the Restoring your data section.

If your device was reset as part of the repair process, you’ll need to restore your backup.

Restore a temporary cloud backup

Завършете първоначалната настройка на вашето устройство и се уверете, че сте влезли в същия акаунт на Samsung, в който се съхранява вашето архивиране.

  1. Go to and open Settings, then tap Battery & device care.    

  2. Tap Maintenance Mode, then tap Sign Out, then tap Temporary Cloud Backup.    

  3. Tap Data Recovery. If there are items you don’t want restored, you can tap them to uncheck them. Tap Data Recovery when you’re done.

Restore a temporary cloud backup
Restore an external storage backup

Complete the initial setup and make sure you are logged into the same Samsung account, your backup is encrypted by that account.

  1. Connect the storage device to your backup and then go to and open Settings. Tap Accounts & Backup.    

  2. Tap Transfer to external storage. Tap Agree if prompted to download Smart Switch and allow the requested permissions.    

  3. Tap your backup under the Restore from tab. Tap Next and your backup will be restored.

Възстановете резервно копие на външно хранилище

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